Principal’s Vision

Imagine a school at the frontier of learning. A school that breaks the lineal approach to education.


a school that challenges traditional learning spaces and traditional pathways. An education that has no physical boundaries. Learning that extends way beyond classroom walls. Learning that embraces vocational options, accelerated pathways and university subjects in senior years.


learning measured by more than the written word. A school where students’ knowledge and growth is expressed in music ensembles, choir, bands, dance, drama, musical theatre, sport, cultural immersions, technology, public speaking, faith, social justice, passion projects and beyond.


a school that challenges its future role in Catholic Education. A school that asks the question, “If we are Church, what would our College look like?” A school that challenges every student, every staff member, every family to be a member of our Catholic Learning Community.

What will education and learning look like in 5 years, 10 years, 50 years, 100 years? We can only imagine!

Our core business, here and now, is to give every student the opportunity to discover their very own kind of awesome. Every single student matters.

The future is bright for the Catholic Learning Community of St John XXIII.


233 Principal

Dr Peter Webster
B.Ed, M.Ed, D.Ed